The Concept of Operations Plan is Phase 2 of the region’s Seamless Fare Integration Project. It is needed for the transition from the current fare system to the Open Payment system that was selected as the preferred alternative in the recently completed Seamless Fare Integration Study for the Detroit Region (Study). The Study focused on existing conditions, current technology options, current fare integration systems in peer regions, and the selection of a preferred alternative.

The Concept of Operations Plan will allow us to focus on details of how a new system would fit into existing system sales, revenue processing, banking, reconciliation, accounting, and customer support. It will also allow for the documentation of current revenue collection practices and create recommendations for new processes under the selected alternative. Further, it will provide clarity on the integration of new technology on vehicles and in system integration, and descriptions of data and process flows. Finally, it will develop technical documentation that can be included in a request for information from a system integrator for the preferred alternative.

Study Documents and Public Updates

Phase I Study Documents

Phase II Study Documents

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