Q. What is this service?
A. A pilot Commuter Bus Service connecting Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Q. What do the buses look like?
A. D2A2 buses are decaled with D2A2 on the side. However, due to regular maintenance of the vehicles we will sometimes replace the D2A2 bus with an Indian Trails decaled bus.

Q. Who operates this service?
A. The Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan (RTA) in partnership with the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (TheRide) and operated by Michigan Flyer.

Q. Who can use this service?
A. Anyone is welcome to use the service. Riders are encouraged to book their trip in advance guaranteeing a seat for the selected trip.

Q. How do I get a ride?
A. Customers can make advance reservations or walk-on at bus stops located in both Detroit and Ann Arbor. Driver accepts only credit card.

Q. How much does it cost to ride?
A. The cost for a one-way ride $6.00. Purchasing a ticket from the driver is $8.00. Special discounts are also proposed for senior citizens (65+), and persons with disabilities. To be eligible, an individual must show one of the following: a valid AAATA, DDOT, SMART, or State of Michigan Senior/Disability ID Card, or a valid disability ID from another transit agency with any valid government-issued photo ID card. 

Q. How is this service funded?
A. The pilot service is funded by grants awarded to the RTA by the State of Michigan.

Q. Are the vehicles wheelchair accessible?
A. Yes. When making a reservation, a wheelchair lift has to be requested by clicking on the “wheelchair lift needed” when selecting number of ‘Passengers’

Q. What amenities do the vehicles have?
A. Deluxe seating with armrests and footrests, individual lighting and climate controls, restrooms, Wi-Fi, USB charging ports, cupholders, overhead storage bins, and storage underneath for bikes.

Q. Can I take a bike?
A: Bicycles are accommodated on a space available basis. Bicycles will be stored in the luggage bin under the motor coach.

Q. When does the service operate?
A. It operates from 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays with limited weekend schedules.

Q. How long will it take to get from one destination to another?
A. The trip from Ann Arbor to Detroit and Detroit to Ann Arbor is designed to take approximately 60 minutes.

Q. How often does the service run?
A. The service runs hourly and connects from downtown Detroit (Grand Circus Park) to downtown Ann Arbor. Less frequent service would be provided on the weekends.

Q. What days of the week does service operate?
A. Monday through Friday (33 trips), Saturday and Sunday (8 trips)

Q. Will the service be available for special events?
A. The service will not run specifically for special events, though you can travel between Detroit and Ann Arbor during the operating time for any event. The service will not operate on National Holidays.

Q. Will there be equivalent paratransit service?
A. The buses can accommodate two wheelchairs and there are lifts available for easy boarding. Paratransit service is not part of this service.

Q. How much does it cost to ride?
A. The base fare for the service is $8 (one-way). Because of insurance requirements, all riders must be seated in a seat. To assure all riders have a seat, passengers are encouraged to advance book their trip. By advance booking, a $2 discount will be applied to the base fare ($6 one-way). Discounts will also be provided to qualifying seniors and disabled riders. All fares must be paid with credit card. No cash accepted.

Q. Are there multi-use passes?
A. Yes, a weekly commuter book of 10 trips and 20 trips can be purchased for$50.00 and $100.00 respectively.

Q. Can I make a reservation from a mobile device?
A. Yes, reservations and payments can be made from your mobile device

Q. Do I need a reservation or can I walk-on?
A. Passengers save money when making an advance reservation and it guarantees a seat on their preferred trip. However, the service will also accept credit cards at the coach from walk-on passengers.

Q. Is the cost to ride different if I make a reservation or I walk-on?
A. Yes, there is a savings when making a reservation up to 15 minutes prior to boarding.

Q. Where are the bus stops located?
A. In Ann Arbor, the bus stop is located on 5th Ave at William St. In Detroit, the bus stop will be located at Grand Circus Park, a short walk to DDOT, SMART, PeopleMover, and QLine stops.

Q. Where can I park? How much is parking?
A. We will not be providing parking; however, there are parking options in downtown Ann Arbor and Detroit.

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